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Cheetah Entertainment is a full service production company,born out of the pursuit of endurance. Cheetah Entertainment was originallyopened 5 years ago to document the outstanding achievements of an amazingendurance athlete, Reza Baluchi. Now Cheetah Entertainment has expanded intoproducing documentaries, TV reality shows, commercials and infomercials. Allwith 1 common goal – to improve the quality of life not just in the US butaround the globe, especially third world and developing countries. We do thisby telling stories of hope and success which we flaunt in the face ofadversity.
Reza Baluchi is an exceptional athlete. As an endurancerunner, he has crossed the US from Los Angeles to New York on 2 occasions andhas also run the entire perimeter of the US. Now he has taken to the water –inside a large “bubble” he runs across the ocean, all in the name of PEACE. Hisgoal is to run around the world, through 195 countries, uniting peoples andcultures in 1 common cause. His high profile endurance feats raise money tohelp provide clean water, sustainable food resources and above all, educationto underprivileged children around the world.
Reza’s next great feat of endurance will be his Bermuda Triangle. Part on land and part on water. He will begin the tripin Florida, cross the ocean to Bermuda, run the length of the Island, thenreturn across the ocean – completing the infamous Bermuda Triangle.
The Head of Production for Cheetah Entertainment is KeithHolland. A 20 year veteran of film and video production, who’s creditsinclude:- James Bond & Superman movies, music videos for top artists,commercials for major brands and documentaries on alternative cancer therapiesand spiritual enrichment celebrities.
Keith has written and directed several feature films and isdeveloping a feature film project based on the life of Reza Baluchi, from histime in prison in Iran, to his mysterious disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle(we hope not!).
Follow Reza on Cheetah Entertainment and become inspired tohelp make a change in the world. Bring us your meaningful media projects and wewill assist you with advancing them into production and creating a better worldfor those who will inherit it from us.
Thank you – Cheetah